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Exclusive Sculpture Collective
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I'm delighted to extend an invitation for you to join my FREE exclusive sculpture collective mailing list, where you'll discover a world of exceptional benefits and opportunities tailored exclusively for discerning art enthusiasts like yourself.

As a subscriber, you'll enjoy a host of privileges designed to enhance your experience and deepen your connection to my world of sculpture.

Exclusive Benefits

Be the first to explore my latest sculptures, granting you exclusive access to acquire or inquire about new pieces before they're released to the public.


Gain insider access to my creative process with behind-the-scenes content such as

work-in-progress photos/videos, , offering you a deeper appreciation of the stories

behind each sculpture.

 Receive coveted invitations to my exclusive events, including gallery openings, private viewings.

Receive emails, ensuring you're always informed with relevant updates and insights about my artwork.

In essence, by joining my exclusive sculpture collective mailing list, you'll embark on a journey filled with early access to new artwork, captivating behind-the-scenes insights, VIP event invitations, and emails. 

Warm regards,

The name Wendy written in a bronze colour.
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