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Sculptor Wendy Hunt sculpting a miniature gorilla

Wendy's upbringing in the southern region of England immersed her in the captivating landscapes along the Solent's shores, nurturing her deep-rooted affection for the natural world.

Her artistic journey is a unique blend of painting and sculpting, where she employs a diverse range of mediums to craft intricately detailed original pieces.  While her proficiency in 2D art is self-taught, she received sculpting guidance from the esteemed Margot Dent amidst the picturesque setting of Dent's studio on a water buffalo farm.

Wendy's artistic prowess has graced prestigious venues such as Christie's in London, contributing to international fundraisers for the World Wildlife Fund.  Acclaim followed as institutions like the Medici Society and Royale Publications acquired her paintings.  Notably, her sculpture 'Hares in Snow' found a new home at Christie's during their 'Sporting Art, Wildlife & Dogs' auction, with 'Ghost Hunter' and 'Fox Trot' finding buyers at Bonhams in Edinburgh.

Her work has been showcased across the United Kingdom, from Hampshire to London and York, and has found its place in numerous private collections worldwide.  Wendy's regular participation in exhibitions, such as the Exhibition of Wildlife Art in Liverpool, and her foundational role in the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society underscore her commitment to the art community.


In recent years, Wendy's artistic focus has shifted towards sculpting miniatures, and she relishes the intricacies and challenges they present. Her miniature creations have earned recognition from esteemed institutions like the Royal Society of Miniature Artists and the Miniature Society of Women Artists. She has showcased her talent at venues such as the Mall Galleries in London and the Miniature Society in Wells. She has also been an artist in residence over numerous years at Nature in Art, Gloucestershire.

From sculpting birds mid-flight to capturing the graceful movements of animals, Wendy's unyielding passion for translating her admiration into tangible art continues to drive her creativity.  Her dedication to bringing joy to her clients through her sculptures remains to craft more pieces that resonate with the beauty of the natural world.

Wendy's name written in a bronze colour
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