Jul 2012

Working in clay

A big change for me this week I’ve been working in clay to produce a piece of work for the M.I.W.A.S. exhibition, which is taking place in September. Its quite a while since I have worked in clay but I’ve found that the nature of the medium has made me work a lot faster, its now a case of waiting for it to dry out properly before firing it in the kiln. The title of the piece is ‘Red Dust’.

Red Dust

Swallow Sculpture

For some time now I have been working on a Swallow in flight. It started out life with a totally different base, a few weeks ago I decided that I wasn’t happy with it as it was and that I would change it. Having seen Swallows just skimming over the surface of water I decided to try and recreate this, with the supporting wing just clipping the surface of the water. So I went to see some lakes locally to see how the ripples form. Fortunately on another day I also saw several fishing boats passing through the Solent, it was a calm day so you could see how the wake formed. I still have to make some alterations to the base, but I feel much happier with it.

IMG_0797